Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Favorite SSIS Tips and Tricks–Tip #1

As part of SQL Saturday #122 in Louisville, I had the pleasure of doing a presentation on my favorite SSIS tips and tricks.  All of the attendees seemed to enjoy the topic and hopefully learned of a few tips and tricks that they might not have known about.  The success of that session led me to thinking that I should do a series of tips and tricks blog posts.  Thus, here’s the first of many such posts that I’ll be doing over the course of the next few months or so.  Feel free to comment if you find any of these useful or if you question their usefulness (hey, I’m sure I don’t know about every tip or trick out there!)  And yes, I know most of these are likely mentioned in some other blog post or website somewhere, but hopefully reiterating them here will drive home the point!

So, my first tip is to get and use BIDS Helper.  For those SSIS developers out there who are not familiar with it, BIDS Helper is a great add-on that provides a whole set of additional features for the different BIDS (and now SSDT) designers.  Of course, being an SSIS developer, the features related to SSIS package design are of particular interest to me.  Truth be told, I just will not develop without having BIDS Helper installed – it’s the first thing I download and add once I’ve installed SQL Server on a new machine.  And even though SSIS 2012 and the new design interface in SSDT add some of the features that BIDS Helper introduced several years ago, the other features included with BIDS Helper that are not in SSIS 2012/SSDT are still extremely useful, so anyone doing development with the newest version of SQL Server will still want to get BIDS Helper and use it religiously.  So take a look, get it, install it, and love it!!

PS.  Kudos and a thousand thanks to the development team behind BIDS Helper – the SSIS community owes you all a debt of gratitude!!

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