Thursday, July 16, 2009

Louisville SQL Server Users Group – SSIS (Part 2)

This week, I continued the series of presentations on SSIS that I started for the Louisville SQL Server Users Group.  Here’s a copy of the second presentation in the series for anyone who attended (or missed it).  I extended the demonstration SSIS package that I started, but haven’t quite completed it yet, so I’ll post it in the near future.


Unfortunately, I ran out of time to cover the last two topics in the presentation – Event Handlers and DTS Migration.  So, I’ll cover those first in the next session and continue on with as many of the other planned topics as we have time for.

One last thought.  During the meeting, I mentioned BIDS Helper, a must have tool for anyone developing SSIS packages (or SSAS solutions or SSRS reports).  If you don’t have it, get it!

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